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About Quantum

The Quantum Dental Group prides itself in care with both our patients and our staff. We are a group practice, with everything solely owned and operated by Dr. Christopher Becir. Being a group practice lends us more resources that we are proud to be able to give back to our community. From financial support to local community organizations, to continuous donations, we strive to make a difference, not just with teeth.

Our Mission

We aim to make a difference in the community we live in and provide our very best care to our patients at all times.


We are one company, one team. We are committed to working together to provide our patients with the best quality dental care while fostering an environment of collaboration and respect.


We believe in helping to break the barriers for patient access whether that be personal anxieties or financial circumstances. Oral care is an integral part of everyone’s overall health and we do not believe that anyone should live in pain due to finances.

Embrace Change

We aim to improve the standards in dentistry across the board through bringing in the latest technology and keeping up with our rapidly growing industry.

Care & Compassion

We care about our patients, staff and community. Our day to day actions are guided with kindness, empathy and understanding. Our compassion is what drives us to be the best that we can be.

Quantum Team

Dr. Christopher Becir | President | CBecir@QuantumDental.net

Sonya Friend | Chief Operations Officer | Sonya@QuantumDental.net

Crystal Lewis | Insurance & AR Manager | Clewis@QuantumDental.net

Hailey Robertson | PPEP Coordinator | HRobertson@QuantumDental.net

Denise Anderson | Administrative Coordinator | DAnderson@QuantumDental.net

Unsure who to reach out to? Please email Info@QuantumDental.net and we will ensure your email gets where it needs to be.