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Quantum Dental is proud to introduce new innovative programs aimed at enhancing oral health and increasing accessibility to dental care in our community.


Pediatric Public Education Program

The Pediatric Public Education Program aims to promote and enhance oral health among children in the Comox Valley. Our initiative educates pediatric patients and caregivers on preventing dental cavities and periodontal disease. Geared toward children aged 0-5, the program emphasizes preventive measures through education on mechanical and chemical oral hygiene methods and the impact of nutrition on dental health. We also raise awareness of the Healthy Kids Program funded by the BC Government.

To achieve our goals, Registered Dental Hygienist Hailey Robertson conducts engaging lessons and presentations at organizations catering to preschool-aged children, such as Strong Start. These sessions aim to foster relationships and alleviate dental anxiety while boosting knowledge and confidence in home dental care. Each child receives an educational package containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and informative material. Additionally, to underscore our commitment to preventive care, Quantum Dental Group offers a complimentary electric toothbrush to children attending a dental visit following our presentation.

We are dedicated to providing thorough education for pediatric dental health and look forward to reaching out to the community. For presentation inquiries, please contact Hailey Robertson, PPEP Coordinator, at HRobertson@QuantumDental.net.

Hailey Robertson, a graduate of Vancouver Island University’s Dental Hygiene program, transitioned from dental assisting to pediatric public education in 2017. Her warmth and expertise help children feel comfortable while learning about oral health. Outside of work, Hailey enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, finding balance in activities like gardening and beach outings. Her dedication to patient care reflects her belief that dentistry is not just a career but a means to connect with and support the community.